Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Website!

I have an offical website- than you so much for following my blog as I did my portfolio building. Please check out my new website at http://www.capturedbychrissy.com/ and my new blog at www.capturedbychrissy.com/blog don't forget to like my facebook page

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MY Girl

I took my sweet girl out for a quick photo shoot last night so we could get started on her invitations for her SIXTH Birthday! Where did the last 6 years go?!  Seems like yesterday we were anxiously/ nervously awaiting the arrival of our first born. She came into the world with big fluffy cheeks and the sweetest face I had ever seen in my life.  She has brought such joy to us, with her amazing personality love for life and laughter.

A few quick things about my amazing (almost) 6 year old
  • She is the most laid back/ easy going girl I know. She gets it from her daddy. She goes with the flow- doesn't complain much and finds the fun in everything.
  • She is a peacemaker.  She knows what she wants, but she will give it up to make others happy. Especially her strong willed little sister.  She loves to make other people happy.
  • She is crazy smart.  She picks up on everything so fast, she is a teachers dream child.
  • She is very sensitive. She is careful not to hurt anyones feelings and always thinks before she does something
  • She is so so silly.  She has the BEST laugh. If you are sad or mad and she starts her contagious laughter there is no way you can help but join her.
  • She doesn't play with toys.  She would prefer to be outside running around with her friends, riding bikes, jumping on the trampoline and swimming.  She also loves the TV, computer and video games.
I'm sure I could think of billions more wonderful things about our sweet girl. We love her so very much!

 In these next three she is taunting me- we're walking back to the car and she says "Hey mom look!" and gives me her most winning smile.  Then as soon as a get the camera to my face she turns serious.  This goes on the whole way back to the car.
 I caught her laughing about how funny she was.

 She had so much fun jumping off the wall. I think she did it at least 10 times.

 This one is really hazy from the sun. But I love it!
 Can you almost hear her awesome laugh?

Monday, June 27, 2011

6 Days Old

Our friends Brian and Brea just welcomed their first baby boy to the world this week.  We all went over to see him and he is just the sweetest!  I brought my things and took a few pics of him while we were visiting. He was so sleepy I even finally got the pose I've wanted forever! Brian and Chris have been buddies since kindergarten. I'm sure P and B will be good buddies soon too.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Miss Personality

I had so much fun taking 2 year pics of my sweet niece this morning! I wanted to get a little peek up for my sister before we leave town so I picked a few favorites to edit and post.  She is just a doll! She was so much fun and such a great model- for the first half. We didn't get the pics we wanted of her and my sister's baby bump so we'll have to try again for those- but can't even be mad about it because she was so wonderful for us at the beginning. Enjoy!

One Year Later

I took pictures of this little guy last year when he was born. You can see them HERE. One quick year later he is about to turn 1!   We met up early morning to take some pics of this handsome little man and his mommy and daddy.  He wasn't too sure about me and my camera - he made us work for it!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Miss B and her Hot Mama

 I had the pleasure of taking pictures for one of my sister's old high school friends last Thursday.  Miss B is turning 2 at the beginning of August and her mama is due with a baby sister around the same time.  We had fun taking lots and lots of pictures. I hope Miss B's mommy and daddy love my pink chair because B sure did and we got lots of pictures with it :-)

Thanks so much for letting me capture your precious little family and good luck with the new little one!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Beautiful Niece

Miss Brittany is graduating from highschool this year.  Makes me feel old! I met her when she was a little older than Berkley is now. Wasn't that yesterday? She's grown into such a beautiful, smart, wonderful girl and I can't wait to see what great things she does next!